Summer aviary

Blue-capped Waxbills - Housing
Nothing particularly special for these waxbills.   They do like space, but then, what doesn't?
Cordon-bleus are much more willing to nest when kept in aviaries or flights, rather than small cages.

Flight cage
Temperature and light
Temperature - no lower than 15C (60F), is especially important when breeding.

Light should at least 12 hours a day (mine is 14).
I think full spectrum fluorescent tubes are best, but they have to be replaced annually.
Link to Arcadia for explanation of the benefits of their Bird Lamps/ tubes.   These tubes also show all 'Blue' Waxbills to perfection.

Slow delivery, good prices - UK mail order - Fish, Fur & Feather.

The next page deals with the Paul de Nil's rearing food recipe in - feeding - Blue-capped Waxbills.
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