Adding 'lead' to the cock's pencil

Add pollen to the rearing mix described on the previous page (feeding) to bring cocks into condition.

DO NOT use mix with pollen once laying has commenced.
Pollen in powdered form can be bought from health food shops.

(UK mail order supplier -

Add one tablespoon of pollen powder for every 2Kg of dry seed initially added when making your rearing food mix.

How often to use the mix?

Initially use rearing food with pollen included once a week.   Then use twice a week to bring birds into condition (perhaps for about 6 weeks).

STOP using pollen for a pair as soon as eggs appear. For these birds use  Change to rearing food without the pollen.   Then, give daily to youngsters until they moult.

Paul de Nil recommends administering the rearing food once a day at 5pm.

Why 5pm?
Weaker/ smaller chicks tend to die during the night, due to insufficient food gained versus their stronger or older sibblings.

5pm feed means the chicks get the best food from the fresh, full dish in the evening.   This helps get weaker chicks through the 'critical' night.

Paul de Nil mentions another benefit.
Bengalese tend to settle in their boxes to roost quite early.   This means a long night for chicks.

When Bengalese are used to an evening feed they come out to eat.  So, the chicks get a later and extra feed than they would have otherwise.

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